Marnix Vangheluwe graduated as Master of Science in Engineering (Biochemistry) at Hogeschool Gent in 1989 and obtained also a master in environmental sanitation (Ghent University) in 1991. At the university of Ghent (1992-2000) he was responsible for the research group sediment ecotoxicology. In 1996 he was the co-founder of the spin-off consultancy firm EURAS at the university of Ghent specializing in environmental risk assessment. Now as, the managing director of ARCHE Consulting he is closely involved in numerous risk assessments ( flame retardants, metals) and classification of metals and alloys. Marnix Vangheluwe is also the main author also the Metal Risk Assessment Guidance document (MERAG) and the official REACH Appendix R.7.13-2 Environmental risk assessment for metals and metal compounds. He is also a key expert on waste  and sediment related issues.