Ecosystem management plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources, and developing innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and society is essential. At ARCHE Consulting, we offer a range of services to support this goal, including ecotoxicological impact assessments and dilution characteristics modeling in aquatic compartments, as well as exposure identification and quantification in air compartments. We also provide tools that enable companies and projects to assess and improve their sustainability practices and performance.

Aquatic compartment

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) has recently emphasized the importance of ecotoxicological characterization in addition to the conventional chemical analysis of discharged wastewaters. This is because the conventional method alone may not accurately predict the potential effects of discharged wastewater on aquatic ecosystems.

To address the complexity of ecotoxicological testing and assess the environmental impact of discharged effluents on aquatic ecosystems, ARCHE Consulting has partnered with the ECOSPHERE group of the University of Antwerp and WaterLink. ARCHE Consulting is highly regarded for its expertise in dilution characteristics modeling and ecotoxicological impact assessment of effluent discharges in receiving waters.

ARCHE Consulting has partnered with the ECOSPHERE group of the University of Antwerp and Waterlink.

ECOSPHERE has a track record of high-level experimental testing in both industrial and ecological settings

WaterLink has extensive experience in the chemical analysis of complex environmental media such as effluents

Air Compartment

Air pollution is the leading environmental health risk in Europe and a major cause of premature death and disease. To address this, the European Green Deal (EGD) and the Zero Pollution Action Plan (ZPAP) have set clear goals to improve air quality by reducing premature deaths caused by fine particulate matter by 55% and decreasing the number of EU ecosystems threatened by air pollution by 25% by 2030.

ARCHE Consulting has extensive experience in assessing the exposure potential and health impact of air emissions from local sites based on the Burden of Disease concept. We can help identify key pollutants that contribute to health loss, quantify the overall health burden caused by air pollution, and assess the potential for industry to improve air quality.

ARCHE Consulting provides services in ecosystem management, sustainability of natural resources, and innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and society.

A glance at our services:

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  • Hydro-ecological modelling
  • Ecotoxicological impact assessment
  • Pollutant identfication and quantification
  • Providing expert optimization recommendations
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