Our story

ARCHE Consulting simplifies compliance. With nearly three decades of experience as a trusted provider of regulatory consulting services, we have a strong track record of assisting our clients in navigating complex regulations, ensuring your chemical and related products are safe, sustainable, and compliant. Our strategic support enables you to confidently bring your chemical products to market. By delivering customized solutions and proactive guidance, we help you mitigate risks, accelerate product innovation, and advance your sustainability goals.

Our roots

With nearly 30 years of accumulated experience in chemical consultancy, our roots are in the European Centre for Risk Assessment (EURAS), founded in 1996 as an official spin-off of Ghent University. To meet the evolving needs of our clients, we established ARCHE Consulting in 2009 and expanded our focus and capabilities. Today, we have a team of over 40 chemical compliance experts with offices in Ghent and Leuven, Belgium. Our acronym, ARCHE, reflects our continued core focus: Assessing Risks of CHEmicals.

Our team brings together highly-skilled experts from multiple scientific specializations – several are also certified trainers.

Our mission

Fostering the benefits of chemicals and their related products while contributing to a safer and more sustainable future!

Our vision

  • To support our clients with integrative strategies for all ‘hazard and risk assessment based’ regulations related to the production and use of safe and sustainable chemical substances and products.
  • To be seen as the leading experts in the EU related to inorganic risk assessment and biocidal products regulation.
  • To provide the best working conditions for employees seeking opportunities to deliver high-quality work in an attractive, sustainable working environment.
  • To encourage innovative thinking allowing our clients to be the first beneficiaries of newly developed concepts and tools.

Our client focus

We support businesses, consortia, and task forces active in or seeking to enter the EU market. Our expert consulting in regulatory and scientific domains — including chemical and technical areas — helps our clients achieve their objectives in these industries:

  • Chemicals
  • Biocides
  • Plant protection products, fertilizers, and bio-stimulants

Our core competencies include:

Safety of chemicals

Assessing risks and hazards associated with chemicals.

Registration services and authority management

Supporting registration processes and managing interactions with regulatory bodies.

Enhancing product sustainability

Promoting environmentally sustainable products.

Sustainability certification

Assisting in obtaining certifications for sustainable products.

Product life cycle management

Strategizing for efficient product life-cycle planning.

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring conformity to regulatory standards and guidelines, and strategic advice on regulatory compliance in order to get market access.

Our consultancy is designed to help organisations navigate these complicated areas. We offer expert guidance and support to help them achieve their goals effectively and in compliance with industry regulations.

What sets us apart

We are big yet small

ARCHE Consulting covers the important regulations within the whole EU territory, yet we still maintain an approachable and personable attitude as consultants. Keeping a personal and direct line with our clients means we can offer timely and cost-effective support.

Our diverse team

The ARCHE Consulting team consists of experts from different backgrounds: our team comprises skilled professionals from more than 10 different nationalities and various scientific disciplines, with extensive academic, regulatory, and industry knowledge.

Innovation and proactivity

In additon to problem-solving, we are proactive solution-finders. ARCHE Consulting is dedicated to fostering innovation, staying at the forefront of industry developments, and anticipating our clients' needs. Our clients can be the first beneficiaries of our innovative concepts and tools.

Our values

Strong together

We have a people-centric approach and believe in unity and collaboration, fostering engagement and cultivating a humane approach in all our interactions.

Oriented towards solutions

Our focus is on providing tailored solutions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for our clients.


Drawing from our expertise, we uphold the highest qualitative standards, promoting sustainable practices in all endeavours.


We are a dynamic team, driven by passion, and consistently proactive in addressing challenges and opportunities.


We are dedicated to fostering innovation, and we constantly strive to inspire through groundbreaking ideas and approaches.

Reasons to believe us

We have a serious track record

Over the years, our team's dedication has led to significant successes. We have assisted in over 500 successful submissions of REACH registration files and over 100 applications for national or EU authorizations under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

We are a certified Material Health Assessor

As certified Material Health Assessor, ARCHE Consulting has assisted in over 200 Cradle to Cradle Certified® certificates for companies

We have a pool of certified trainers

Our certified trainers are specialized in various domains such as biocides, classification, human health assessment, environmental assessment, exposure modelling, UVCB dossiers, endocrine disruptors, and mixture toxicity..

Our proficiency extends further

We also have proficiency in numerous other legislative frameworks including Classification and Labelling (CLP), Plant Protection Products (PPP) regulation, and the Fertilising Products Regulation.

Privacy statement:

Important information about how ARCHE Consulting handle personal information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.