Who we are

At ARCHE Consulting, we understand the importance of compliance and safety in the chemical industry. With over two decades of experience as a trusted provider of regulatory consulting services, we have established a strong track record of assisting clients in navigating complex regulations related to the production and use of safe and sustainable chemical substances and products. Our team of experienced professionals leverages extensive industry knowledge to consistently deliver comprehensive and high-quality solutions to clients across the globe.

Our team is composed of highly-skilled experts from multiple scientific disciplines, many of whom are certified trainers in several expertise domains

What we do

We provide regulatory compliance services for manufacturers or importers of chemicals, biocides, cosmetics, plant protection products, fertilizers, and plant bio-stimulants. We offer timely and cost-effective strategic support in several regulatory areas, including product registration, data gap analyses, toxicology and exposure modelling, test monitoring, dossier compilation and submission, and communication with authorities.

Our track record includes the submission of over 500 REACH registration dossiers and the attainment of national or EU authorization for hundreds of biocidal products under the Biocidal Products Regulation. We also cover other legislative frameworks such as Classification and Labelling, Plant Protection Products regulation, and the Fertilising Products Regulation.

We are a certified Material Health Assessor within the Cradle-to-Cradle products program, contributing to the transition towards greener chemicals.

Our Team

Our team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals have a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape and are well-equipped to guide clients through the complexities of compliance. In addition, our senior experts are certified trainers in several expertise domains such as biocides, classification, human health assessment, environmental assessment, exposure modelling, UVCB dossiers, endocrine disruptors, and mixture toxicity.

We are committed to providing the best working conditions for employees seeking opportunities to deliver high-quality work in an attractive and sustainable working environment. By fostering an environment of innovation, we strive to not only meet but anticipate the needs of our clients by being at the forefront of new developments and tools in the industry.

Our mission statement:

Our overarching mission is to foster a safe environment and healthy workplace while safeguarding the market access of chemicals and products.

Our vision statement:

Our vision is built around the following core intentions:

  • To support our clients with integrative strategies for all ‘hazard and risk assessment based’ regulations related to the production and use of safe and sustainable chemical substances and products.
  • To be seen as the leading experts in the EU related to inorganic risk assessment and biocidal products regulation.
  • To provide the best working conditions for employees seeking opportunities to deliver high-quality work in an attractive, sustainable working environment.
  • To encourage innovative thinking allowing our clients to be the first beneficiaries of newly developed concepts and tools.

Privacy statement:

Important information about how ARCHE Consulting handle personal information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.