2014. Sediment quality guidelines: challenges and opportunities for improving sediment management

Kwok, K.W., Batley, G.E., Wenning, R.J., Zhu, L., Vangheluwe, M., Lee, S.

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2013. Improving sediment-quality guidelines for nickel: Development and application of predictive bioavailability models to assess chronic toxicity of nickel in freshwater sediments

Vangheluwe, M.L.U, Verdonck, F.A.M., Besser, J.M., Brumbaugh, W.G., Ingersoll, C.G., Schlekat, C.E., Garman, E.R.

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2004. Probabilistic environmental risk assessment of zinc in Dutch surface waters

Van Sprang, P.A., Verdonck, F.A.M., Vanrolleghem, P.A., Vangheluwe, M.L., Janssen, C.R.

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2003. The toxicity of metal mixtures to the estuarine mysid Neomysis integer (Crustacea: Mysidacea) under changing salinity

Verslycke, T., Vangheluwe, M., Heijerick, D., De Schamphelaere, K., Van Sprang, P., Janssen, C.

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2003. Mobility and toxicity of metals in sandy sediments deposited on land

Prokop, Z., Vangheluwe, M.L., Van Sprang, P.A., Janssen, C.R., Holoubek, I.

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2000. Uncertainties in the Environmental Risk Assessment of Metals

Janssen, C.R., De Schampelaere, K., Heijerick, D., Muyssen, B., Lock, K., Bossuyt, B., Vangheluwe, M., Van Sprang, P.

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2000. Comparison of the conventional algal assay and the Algaltoxkit F™ microbiotest for toxicity evaluation of sediment pore waters

Vandenbroele, M.C., Heijerick, D.G., Vangheluwe, M., Janssen, C.R.