Video on Environmental Quality Standards for metals

Eurometaux and ARCHE Consulting are proud to announce the "metal EQS" video, created in partnership with ARRIBA, Triangle 7, and with the active involvement of several experts from the Water Task Force. The video's premiere was held on April 15, 2015 during the Water Task Force conference at the metals conference centre.

The video is designed for a non-specialist audience from both regulatory agencies and industry. It explains the significance of metal bioavailability in relation to regulatory compliance and uses scientific principles to demonstrate how it can be used to determine site-specific Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) or bioavailable metal concentrations. It also describes a tiered approach to achieving environmental compliance. Additionally, the video introduces the Biomet tool, a user-friendly and free online tool developed by ARCHE Consulting and WCA, that predicts the bioavailability of metals in natural surface waters, and can be used to calculate site-specific EQS values to check for compliance.

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Patrick Van Sprang

Patrick Van Sprang

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