Endocrine disruptor screening tool
(for co-formulants in biocides)

To aid risk assessors, ARCHE Consulting and Chemycal have jointly created EDScreener, a tool for screening endocrine disruptors (ED) in co-formulants in biocidal products. As per the BPR regulations that came into effect in 2018, ED evaluations are mandatory for all active substances and co-formulants found in biocidal products.

How does EDScreener work?

EDScreener uses advanced data scraping techniques to automate a significant portion of the manual process by automatically searching EU programs and websites for information on ED properties of chemicals. The collected information is presented in a user-friendly table format in accordance with the approach established by the competent authorities.

EDScreener can assist applicants and regulators in organizing and streamlining the tasks involved in ED assessments, within a constantly evolving and complex regulatory framework.

For questions, please contact:

Sabine Navis, PhD

Sabine Navis

Senior Project Scientist
IBERA Diplomate

+32 16 28 49 05

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