The next phase of the ARAGORN project:
On a mission to remediate and restore contaminated soils in Europe

Copenhagen, November 6th, 2023 – A groundbreaking EU-funded initiative, the ARAGORN project, has embarked on a mission towards restoration and remediation of polluted soils in Europe. The project brings together a 17-member strong consortium, aiming for innovative solutions for polluted site owners and communities living in proximity.

Recent data has revelead that up to 70% of European soils are classified as unhealthy. Persistent pollutants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), organo-chlorines and -bromines (OCB), petroleum and coal residues (PETCO), and toxic metals are identified as common culprits. These contaminants pose serious threats to ecological balance, affecting animal and human health, as well as the soil's ability to sustain food production and purify water.

ARAGORN's comprehensive approach integrates scientific research, data collection, site selection, and collaboration with stakeholders, particularly site owners. The project aims to simplify and provide clear guidance for landowners across Europe, empowering them to restore their polluted soils effectively.

Project kick-off

The project kicked off with a meeting at Denmark's Dragsholm Castle in October 2023, where the consortium explored the historical significance of European soils.

Our colleagues, Nathalie, Stijn and Marnix represented ARCHE Consulting during the kick-off.

The meeting included a visit to Korsør, a PFAS-contaminated site in Denmark that gained public attention in 2020, labeled the "Giant Poison Site." Media reports have highlighted alarming findings of cattle consuming contaminated grass, leading to elevated PFAS levels in both human blood and animals.

The ARAGORN project aims not only to conduct studies but also to facilitate collaborative efforts between communities and experts. The focus is on using gathered data and knowledge to test potential remediation models, with the goal of mitigating future impacts on cattle and envisioning the return of grazing animals to these areas within two decades.

With the support of EU and Swiss funding, the ARAGORN project is poised to make a significant contribution to turning the ambitions of the EU Soil Mission of the European Green Deal into reality.

ARAGORN project has received funding from the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions programme under grant agreement N° 101112723.