Joonas Koivisto, PhD

Joonas Koivisto

Senior Project Scientist
+358 407 222 029

Dr. Antti Joonas Koivisto (Senior Project Scientist at ARCHE Consulting and independent consultant at Air Pollution Management) has a PhD in Physics (Aerosol physics) from the University of Helsinki (2013).

Koivisto has worked with industrial aerosols where the main focus has been safety of nanomaterials by assessing emissions, exposure, uptake, hazard assessment, and risk evaluation and efficient mitigation (including ISO 10993 biocompatibility evaluation). He has developed innovative source specific air pollution risk assessment methods that are based on combined aerosol measurements and modeling techniques.

Koivisto has applied these methods in efficient industrial air pollution safety decision making on which topic he has published 52 peer-reviewed articles (H=24 Google Scholar, 1732 citations, May 7 2020). The work is mainly conducted in national (Finland/Denmark), EU FP7 and H2020 projects and in consultancy projects.