Irem completed her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Warsaw in 2022. While studying at university and afterwards she served as an IT Engineer for the EMEA region at BAYER on behalf of Atos. She was responsible for managing the IT Support Team and coordinating support functions. She has experience in IT Development, Technology Competence, Problem-Solving, IT Operations and Analytical Skills, Team and Project Management, Web Scraping and Coding, Digitalization, and Process Improvement.

In her role at ARCHE Consulting, she will analyze ARCHE's processes to identify digitization opportunities, including AI. She will draft plans for digital solutions, conduct pilot studies to address potential issues and integrate these solutions into ARCHE's operations. She will also provide training, and ensure thorough documentation on the implemented processes. Leveraging AI and innovative technology, she will lead digital integration efforts, ensuring stakeholder alignment through transparent communication.