Hadewijch Vanhooren

Hadewijch Vanhooren

Expert Science Manager
European Registered Toxicologist

+ 32 16 28 49 06

Hadewijch Vanhooren graduated as Master of Science in Biology (Zoology, Biochemistry/Physiology) at Ghent university in 1989 and as Master of Medical Science (Immunology) at Catholic University of Leuven in 1991.

During 1996-2019, she worked at the Laboratory of Occupational and Environmental Toxicology of the Centre of Environment and Health, KU Leuven. In this period, she gained expertise in Human Health toxicology, exposure, and risk assessment. She was closely involved in the risk assessment of active substance and product dossiers under the Biocides legislation framework commissioned by the Belgian Competent Authority. She was an appointed expert of the Superior Health Council (domain of chemical environmental factors).

At ARCHE Consulting, Hadewijch focuses on providing scientific support in Human Toxicology in different chemical legislative frameworks. Additionally, she assists in dossier preparation.