REACH encourages the use of alternative non-testing approaches such as QSARs (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships) to discourage vertebrate testing. While many QSARs are available, robust REACH-compliant QSARs for predicting chronic ecotoxicity to fish are limited.

ARCHE Consulting developed a QSAR to predict chronic toxicity to fish, based on high-quality data. These models are compliant with OECD principles and can be used as part of a registration dossier and classification. By using a chronic QSAR for long-term fish ecotoxicity, it is possible to refine the hazard classification and PNEC derivation for polar and non-polar narcosis substances.

Transparency is one of the 5 OECD criteria for QSARs. To adhere to this principle, the training and test sets for both non-polar and polar narcosis are made publicly available. These datasets can be found as additional sheets in the QSARCHE Excel tool.

This tool is freely available.

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