ARCHE’s scientists embark on a new EU Horizon Europe project to support Europe’s path to sustainable soil management: ARAGORN 2023-2027!

ARAGORN is the acronym for “Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now”. This project will help to progress towards Green Deal objectives, notably the Zero Pollution Strategy as it contributes to the Mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe'.

ARAGORN is coordinated by the University of Copenhagen and 17 partners from 12 different EU countries participate in the project.

The aim of the project is to support public and private land managers in taking effective actions to protect, remediate and restore polluted soils in Europe. The project will develop and implement a comprehensive framework, from the identification of contaminated sites to the provision of science-based recommendations for decision-making and policy.

Polluted hotspots will be identified by implementing robust mapping and monitoring tools that are fit for purpose and cover a wide range of contaminants. The project will compile and test sustainable soil decontamination and remediation strategies, implement nature-based solutions, and deliver a step-by-step decision-making framework to determine the best approach for resilient restoration in various European countries.

The complete framework will be developed through strategic engagement with land managers, by working with Living Labs across Europe, grounding knowledge through co-creation and sustainable infrastructure. The implementation will be done through a strong team of multidisciplinary scientists and practitioners by working closely with diverse stakeholders at the local, national, and EU level across Europe. The project will connect land managers and sectors across Europe to take effective action on soil health and provide long-term support for EU policy and international commitments

ARAGORN will kick off on the 1st of October 2023.

In this project, ARCHE’s scientists will evaluate the potential health and ecological risks of the contaminated soils under examination. Stay tuned!