Navigating the Latest APCP TAB 4.0 Update:

Key Changes You Need To Know

The European Chemicals Agency has just released a significant update to the APCP Technical Agreement for Biocides (TAB), version 4.0, on September 27th, 2023.

Here is a quick overview of some key changes in the latest APCP TAB (v4.0) compared to the previous version:

  • Sections 3.4.4 and 3.4.5:
    Clearer guidelines on naming active substances based on their dry form and physicochemical testing for active substances with solvents that cannot be removed to obtain the dry form.
  • Section 4.3:
    Introduction of the requirement for test data using specific methods to address the physical state of active substances when there is doubt.
  • Section
    Enforcement of CG-53-2022-07 AP 14.1 Shelf-life setting at PA-vf. Shelf-life of products now requires long-term storage stability test results before draft PAR for a 30-day commenting phase. Any changes afterward necessitate new data submission for extended shelf-life.
  • Section
    Accelerated storage tests may no longer be necessary if products will not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 30°C during storage.
  • Section
    Shelf-life determination relies on available long-term storage stability data. Accelerated storage stability tests no longer grant provisional 2 years of shelf-life.
  • Section 7.4:
    Updates on the classification of products containing hydrogen peroxide as oxidising liquid. The classification from transportation overrules the test result.
  • Section 7.5:
    Update on the the criteria for waiving flashpoint tests. Flashpoint can only be waived if the water content is above 80% and no flammable components are present in the formula. As content of flammable components are irrelevant, even if flammable components are present at very low concentration, test is required.

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