Karel Vlaeminck
Project Scientist

During my PhD, I worked closely together with ARCHE’s experts. This intensive collaboration gave me the opportunity to see how much in-depth knowledge and experience they hold. Their modest behaviour and attention for quality convinced me to start working at ARCHE Consulting. Today I work as a project scientist to support REACH-related projects.

“Because I am surrounded by passionate, bright people, it gives me energy and drive to show up every day and give my best at work.”

How would you describe your job to a 6-year-old?

I work as a scientist for different external companies who need advice on environmental health & safety. In our society we need chemicals for different purposes (e.g. manufacturing of products, protection against diseases, etc.). The companies who use these chemicals often do not have all the knowledge themselves about the legislation and how to be compliant with all kinds of regulations. ARCHE Consulting supports the companies with these complex questions by doing research and giving advice in order to protect our health and the environment.

What do you value the most at ARCHE?

What I appreciate most is that in my position at ARCHE Consulting, I can put my knowledge to good use. I solve issues and help companies, while I can also investigate interesting topics and conduct research but in a more applied, real-life setting. It gives me personal fulfillment. I gain new knowledge every day while building experience on the job. In addition, I feel appreciated in my position knowing that ARCHE Consulting invests in me as well. 

What makes you proud to work @ ARCHE?

At ARCHE Consulting, people are passionate about their jobs. We share the same values and have a lot of fun together. I appreciate my colleagues because they are truly bright people with a lot of energy. They support me in my learning process and share their knowledge. 

For me, ARCHE Consulting is also an inclusive company. We are rather small, so you know every colleague. Although we have different nationalities and backgrounds, we all share an open mind-set.

Which is your favorite ARCHE fun activity?

The yearly teambuilding activities are always something I look forward to. Every year, there are different activities during the teambuilding (picture taken at the last teambuilding). It is a day to get together with the colleagues in a different, more relaxed setting, and interact with co-workers that you might not work together with that often. The teambuilding day really shows that ARCHE Consulting is this thriving community of amazing people.