Sara Debecker, PhD

Sara Debecker

Senior Project Scientist
+ 32 16 28 49 07

Sara graduated as Master in Biology at KU Leuven in 2012, with specialisation in the field of ecology, evolution and ecotoxicology. She continued on the same path and obtained a PhD in evolutionary stress ecology and ecotoxicology in 2017 at the Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology at KU Leuven. Among other topics, she studied how chemical stress and global warming differentially affect species, populations and individuals with fast vs slow lifestyles in damselflies.

Afterwards, Sara worked for 6 years at the Belgian Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, where she was a regulatory officer in charge of zonal applications for plant protection products. In 2021, she also started as parttime lecturer at the University College Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) in the Biotechnology graduate degree program.

At ARCHE Consulting, Sara is combining her experience in the fields of plant protection, ecotoxicology and statistics to provide support for agrochemical, biocide and REACH dossier preparations.